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The Early Trombone: A Catalogue of Music

Edited by Howard T. Weiner, Charlotte A. Leonard, Linda Pearse

Collection « Épitome Musical », Brepols Publishers

Publication Year : november 2023




This catalogue documents nearly 9000 musical works specifying the trombone, from anonymous pieces mentioned in early sixteenth-century writings up to Haydn’s iconic oratorios The Creation and The Seasons on the cusp of the nineteenth century. As such, the catalogue provides a single resource for scholars, trombonists, chamber musicians, and conductors to access instrumental solo and ensemble, as well as choral works specifying trombone from the sixteenth through to the end of the eighteenth century.  In compiling this inventory, the authors have personally examined as many of the sources as possible, either the original prints and manuscripts in libraries and archives or copies thereof (microfilm, microfiche, scans, facsimile editions, photocopies, and photos). Relevant text passages from title pages, prefaces, and composer’s performance instructions are given in the original language and in English translation. Annotations discuss attributions, the situation and peculiarities of sources, and relationships to parallel transmissions. Extensive bibliographical information is provided to guide the readers to relevant secondary literature.

The catalogue is divided into three sections: concerted instrumental music (with solo trombone), instrumental music with trombones, and vocal music specifying trombones, with the vocal works representing the largest portion of the repertoire. The compositions range in size from pieces for a single voice with trombone and basso continuo to large-scale sacred and secular polychoral works with multiple trombones.

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