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CESR Resources

CESR Library

The library at the Centre d’études supérieures de la Renaissance preserves a rich collection of Renaissance and modern books, doctoral dissertations, microfilms, photographs and recordings. A specific section of the library is devoted to music and musicology. It also houses book collections donated by distinguished musicologists of the calibre of Lewis Lockwood and Annie Cœurdevey. Library presentation

Ricercar Collection

Since 1992, Ricercar has assembled a large number of reproductions of musical sources, pictures, recordings, and doctoral theses concerning the period from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century. The catalogue is under construction, but you can write to Hyacinthe Belliot for further information.

Collection content:

1) Reproduction of prints and manuscripts musical sources: 1,500 microfilms and microforms; 4,000 digitalized musical sources in pdf files.

2) Images (frescos, paintings, miniatures, prints, etc.): 350 printed photos; 600 slides; 60 Ekta chromes; 4,500 digitalized pictures.

3) Recordings: 2,000 CDs and LPs; 2,500 albums in mp3 files.

4) Doctoral Theses in Musicology: 2,000 pdf files.