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Philippe Vendrix

Since 1994, Philippe has been coordinating the activities of the Ricercar Program, and editing and directing publications for Brepols and Classiques Garnier.

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Hyacinthe Belliot

CNRS Engineer (documentary resources, databases and projects administration)
Hyacinthe is in charge of the documentary activity and manages the financial administration of regional, national and international projects. She created an extensive database of sources including music, recordings, and images.

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Vincent Besson

CNRS Engineer (editions, databases and MEI projects)
Transcription and music engraving of ancient sources are at the heart of his work. Vincent participates in various research projects in digital humanities and in the development and implementation of new technologies for critical music editing. He is responsible for the follow-up and the realization of the editions (Brepols).

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Camilla Cavicchi

CNRS Research Engineer (analysis of historical sources, musical heritage and international projects)
Camilla is in charge of the projects on the musical heritage and of the development of international collaborations. She has published on musical iconography, organology, the history of musical institutions in the Renaissance, and orally transmitted musical repertoires.

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Suzy Piat

University Engineer (web development and databases)
Suzy is in charge of the development of the website dedicated to the Ricercar database. She studied art history and IT and has a master degree in digital humanities.

Kévin Roger

University Engineer (Cluster 6 Biblissima+)


Philippe Canguilhem

Professor of Musicology, University of Tours
Professor in Musicology at the University of Tours and senior member of the Institut Universitaire de France. His research focuses on Italian music in the 16th century, with special emphasis on Florentine musical life. He is also interested in improvised counterpoint in the Renaissance and instrumental music in early modern Europe.

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David Fiala

Associate Professor, University of Tours
David’s research focuses on the music and careers 15th and 16th centuries musicians, and he has a special interest in Digital Humanities. He has been instrumental in several digital programmes such as Prosopography of Renaissance singers, Music and musicians in the Saint-Chapels and ReviSMartin.

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Anne-Madeleine Goulet

CNRS Research Director
Anne-Madeleine is the principal investigator of the ERC programme PerformArt (2016-2022) on the history of performing arts among the Roman nobility in the 17th and 18th centuries by exploiting the extensive documentation contained in the archives of eleven leading aristocratic families.

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Christina Diego Pacheco

Associate Professor, University of Lorraine
Christina’s research interests concern urban music, Renaissance Spanish composers, sacred repertoire and musical lexicology.

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Nicolas Andlauer

Lecturer, Académie de Toulouse (France)

Aurelio Bianco

Associate Professor, University of Strasbourg (France)

Marc Busnel

Professional singer (France)

Marie-Alexis Colin

Professor of Musicology, University of Brussels (Belgium)

David Dolata

Professor of Musicology, Florida International University (U.S.A.)

Charles-Yvan Élissèche

PhD Musicologist (Belgium)

Richard Freedman

Professor of Musicology, Haverford College (U.S.A.)

John Griffiths

Honorary Professor of Musicology, University of Melbourne (Australia)

Agostino Magro

Professor, University of Rennes (France)

Pedro Memelsdorff

PhD Musicologist and Music Director (Italy)

Christian Meyer

Musicologist, former CNRS Researcher (France)

Jorge Morales

PhD Musicologist (France)

Kevin Roger

PhD Musicologist (France)

Daniel Saulnier †

PhD and HDR Musicologist, former Research Engineer at the University of Tours (France)

Jacques Szpirglas

PhD Musicologist (France)

Vasco Zara

Professor, University of Rouen (France)