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Centre d’études supérieures de la Renaissance 59, rue Néricault-Destouches

BP 12050 37020 Tours Cedex 1

Telephone: 02 47 36 77 61

Director of publication :  Philippe Vendrix, CNRS Research Director, Director of the Ricercar Programme

Editor : Camilla Cavicchi, Hyacinthe Belliot, Vincent Bessson (CNRS Engineers)

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SARL au capital de 100 000 €
RCS Sarreguemines B 431 303 775
Code APE : 6201Z
N° TVA : FR 13 431303775
Siège social : 7, place de la Gare – BP 70109 – 57201 Sarreguemines Cedex

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Photographic credits

Home: CESR facade © Camilla Cavicchi

Team: Hyacinthe Belliot, Vincent Besson, Philippe Vendrix, Philippe Canguilhem © Camilla Cavicchi

Visiting fellows: Ricercar’s folk with visiting professors in 2014 © Concetta Pennuto

Doctorates and Habilitations: Ricercar’s folk during a workshop 2018 © Le Studium

Grants and Fellowships : Saint-Martin Basilica, Tours © Camilla Cavicchi

CESR Resources © Camilla Cavicchi


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