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Music in Africa and its Diffusion in the Early Modern World (1300-1650)

64th International Conference in Humanistic Studies
Centre d’études supérieures de la Renaissance, Tours (France)
27 June-1 July 2022

While the historiography in the field of Renaissance studies has typically viewed African music as an art form without history or sources, rudimentary, or at worst, non-existent, recent studies demonstrate not only the richness of a multifaceted musical heritage in Africa, but also the active role of Africans in developing and shaping musical practices and cultures on other continents. Bringing together a range of scholars from different disciplinary orientations, this international conference aims to cast new light on the musical traditions of early modern Africa (from South to North), the dissemination of African musical styles and genres, and the circulation and migration of African musicians, composers and musical instruments to other continents (including Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the New World) from the late Middle Ages to the early modern era (1300-1650). A range of topics will be discussed focusing on musical traditions from different regions of the African continent, including Southern Africa (South Africa, eSwatini, Zimbabwe), West Africa (Ghana, Senegal), Central Africa (Cameroon, Congo), East Africa and the Horn (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania) and North Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia).

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