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Francesca Fantappiè joined the CESR!

Francesca Fantappiè is an historian of theatre and performing arts. Her publications cover many aspects of spectacle: text, music, dramaturgy, stagecraft and scenography, theatre architecture, performers, and the social, political and economic context from the Renaissance to the Ancient Regime. In the field of music she recently published, with Tim Carter, the book Staging “Euridice”: Theatre, Sets and Music in Late Renaissance Florence (Cambridge University Press, 2021). She discovered and published the first version of Ottavio Rinuccini’s Dafne and she curated the exhibition Florence and the Birth of Opera: Documents and virtual reconstructions (Florence, 2019).

Her Marie-Curie IF project Spectacleconomics investigates the financing and economic reality of civic and court festival productions in early modern France. The results of this survey represent a further step towards a comprehensive study of the economics of spectacle at a transnational and European level.